Example Agenda (only if you need it!)

For your first meal, you may find that introductions could fill the entire evening.  That’s great!  Don’t feel as though you need to rigidly adhere to this supplied “road map”.

  • Arrival and welcome of guests
  • Sharing of light refreshments and informal conversation
  • Dinner Service coupled with dialogue and circle sharing
    • Icebreaker activity- More than One Story card game
  • Farewell

During dinner, please feel free to dive deeper into guests’ description of their memory by using the following questions as probing questions. More than One Story cards are an effective way of starting the conversations. In addition, the following questions may come in handy as conversation starters. Feel free to create your own:

  • Tell us more about… [a certain aspect of their story].
  • Have you ever experienced a significant turning point in your life? What happened? How did your life change – from what to what?
  • When in your experience has your community – or cultural, spiritual, faith or any other form of community – been “the key” to you getting through a difficult period in your life? What did the community provide? How did the community members provide it?
  • Have you experienced unconditional love – either from you to others or from others to you? What was the situation? How did it impact your life?
  • What does it mean to have “faith”?

Try to help make connections between people and their stories to help the conversation along.