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What Can I Expect?

Expectations as Hosts

MYN programs are meant to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience for both the hosts and the guests. You should expect that the guests will have a genuine interest in learning more about you, the other guests, and any topics discussed. These dinners are meant to be informal but do require some thought and preparation to help the event be as seamless and stress-free as possible. Overall, as a host, we simply ask that you allow your visitors to experience the hospitality in your home and enjoy conversation.

  • Welcome guests with openness and respect.
  • Make sure to address all of the dietary needs of your guests.
  • Announce a schedule for the evening allowing those guests that have to leave early to make a respectful departure.
  • If you or your tradition has a ritual component to the meal use it as an opportunity for educating.
  • Prepare conversation starters ahead of time.
  • Expect yourself to be asked questions.  But don’t feel as though you have to be an expert!

Expectations as Guests

  • Bring an open mind (and of course it wouldn’t hurt to bring a gift)
  • Communicate your dietary restrictions/preferences
  • Communicate to the host if you will be bringing others (spouses, children, etc.) only after you ask permission from the host.
  • Treat the homes of the host as a “sacred space”.